Richard’s computer crashed. He could not get to a restore point and eventually could not get it pass the blue screen of death.

We called a local computer company. And then our technology world turned upside down.

The question the computer-genius asked was: When was the last time you reviewed your total technology plan, equipment, and costs?

We looked at each other and answered about two years. June 7, 2016 was our breast cancer diagnosis date.

Most medical professionals and Breast Cancer Thrivers (far greater than a survivor) I talk with consistently remark that around the two-year mark things begin to feel different. This is not necessarily a return to the old life rather an acceptance of the new life. At the two-year mark, prognosis is set with less questions and a continued treatment plan becomes routine. Medical appointments become less frequent occurring every six months for some and annually for others. My treatment ends 4 April 2022.

What happened to our technology? Richard has a new SSL hard drive. I have an ultra-thin laptop. Wi-Fi, modem, router, phones all new and faster. We are both on Office 365 with an upgraded security system. We are getting off cable going to streaming TV.

Richard’s website (Executive Leadership Skills International, is fully functioning. We have new emails leaving EarthLink after eighteen years. My website (Essential Living Strategies, is under construction and should functioning soon.

We had a long talk about how we got to the state that our technology became inefficient, costly, and lacked full functioning. Richard reminded me that he was focused on saving my life. Everything else became unimportant.

Cancer takes a financial and emotional toll on a couple. I am unsure if I will ever understand the full impact of how our lives have changed.

We are waking up. It is time.


2 thoughts on “COMING OUT OF THE FOG”

  1. Hi Tracie.
    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Richard and I both appreciate you keeping us close. It is hard to believe it has been 2 years. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times a century ago. Hope all is well with you and your job. Warmly, Vicky

  2. I’m always thinking about you both and it was a nice surprise to see your post this morning. Although I can imagine the frustration you both feel, I am selfishly relieved it’s not health related! Sounds like things are coming together in the bigger scheme and it’s going to feel much better when you can close the loop on technology certainty…if that’s possible, LOL! But should be a piece of cake compared to past few years!!! Love and miss both! XO

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