When I think about a footprint, I think about an impact, impression, or effect.

I have encountered many footprints along this cancer journey.  The overwhelming majority have been positive impressions.  There was another “newbie” at the treatment center yesterday. She was in the chair next to us.  Her Oncology Nurse was so very kind explaining the procedures and encouraging her not to be scared.  I remain unsure how the Oncology Nurses whom I have encountered can stay so positive, upbeat, smiling when dealing with cancer patients repeatedly.  To me they leave kind and caring footprints.

Richard and I talked about footprints this morning at breakfast.  At Executive Leadership Skills International we define a Leadership Footprint© as an approach to application of a leadership learning.  We guide our participants through behaviors for applying their learnings in life and at work.  Using historical examples, various in class exercises, and one to one coaching sessions, participants explore their personal Leadership Footprints© as well as those that can be implemented by a class.

I shared with Richard the positive impact his life’s work has made on so many people.  I shared how his teaching on the power of choice led participants to make the steps necessary for a geographical rotation or deployment; gave them the courage and wisdom to hold underperforming subordinates accountable; and, made them want to be better leaders.

I write thank you notes to the medical people that have left a positive impact (footprint) on my cancer journey.  One evening during hospital stay, the Nurse came into my room, introduced herself, and said, “Let me fix this room so you are comfortable.”  She rearranged a few things and voila; the room functioned so much better.  Another time an Aide complimented my complexion as she wheeled me to the car.  She made my day.  They got notes, as did many others.

Followers … Who is the leader (or are the leaders) in your life who made a positive impact?

Who is the leader that left you a footprint?

Write that leader and tell them how they impacted your life.  Write … no email!  If that leader is no longer on the planet, write a member of their family.



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