From the Bottom Up

I find myself taking many pills these days.  I have resorted to keeping them in pill towers so that I avoid opening several different bottles throughout the day.

Typically, these pill towers have an extra top so that the tower is sealed and an individual container can be removed and topped.

I always misplace the extra tops. I do not know why but I end up finding them in my purse, on the bedside table, with the TV remotes … just about anywhere.

The other day after I had exhausted looking in the usual places where I find the tops, I stared at the pill tower.  Why not remove the bottom container instead of the top container? The tower would remain intact.  I was working from home so I could keep the individual container at my desk; an extra top was not necessarily mandated.

Sometimes just looking a problem differently can help solve it.  I have come to realize that facing a life altering illness requires looking at that problem differently.

There are a couple of basic approaches to facing a life altering illness:

  1. Give up and accept whatever fate brings.
  2. Turn decisions over to the medical team in charge.
  3. Study the situation, gain knowledge, and be the one in charge.

For this cancer journey, Richard took the lead and put us in charge.  I remain so very grateful to his wisdom, commitment, and leadership.

Leaders …  How do you face problems? Are you doing the same things over and over or are you looking at the situation differently?  How often do you look at the problem from the bottom up (from your subordinates’ perspectives)?


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