I Had A Mammogram This Morning

Because of the type of implants I have and the fact that my Plastic Surgeon is first a highly skilled physician and then an artist surgeon, I am required to have a six-month mammogram after reconstruction.  FDA required follow-ups are every year for two years and then an MRI at year three.  It is the only time in my Libertarian life that I am OK with a Government Agency tracking me.

I was nervous.  I asked Richard to go with me and once again, he would be waiting.  I returned to the Crestwood Women’s Center.

This is the place where it all began; where the journey started. The place where I learned a new vocabulary.  The place where I learned that I had breast cancer.  The place where Dr. S retrieved film after film showing these cancers were not visible on mammogram — only a suspicious lesion was visible.  The place where women medical professionals and radiologists guided me through the shock of breast cancer as they poked, filmed, and extracted parts of my breasts to give my Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon everything they needed for my emotional and physical recovery.  Despite a cancer journey starting at Crestwood, it is still a happy, caring place for me to go.  It is the place that started the work to rid me of cancer and save my life.  I remain grateful to Julie, Teresa and the others at Crestwood for being with us on this journey.

As I updated my paperwork, I noticed on the left side a long list of appointment times and procedures at Crestwood.  I did not read the list. I did not want to go down a road that is behind me.

For longer than many of my blog readers are old, I have had mammograms.  Each year I would look at the images of my former dense breasts and wondered when and if “something” would show up.

Today, the images I saw are 100% cancer free.  I will no longer wonder.  I am free. 

 I got a really nice rack in the deal too.

 Thanks for going with me, Richard, and holding my hand.

Leaders …      What roads do you want to put behind you?

What are your new roads to travel?

Who is on your journey?





9 thoughts on “I Had A Mammogram This Morning”

  1. Ed Kennedy just gave me your contact info, and I will be in touch in the next few days. I was just at Clearview today from 8:30 am to 3 pm undergoing chemo. It was a grueling day, but I look forward to my chemo days because I know I am working towards a cure. I envision the little yellow PacMan heads going throughout my body eating up all the bad cells but THEY leave the good cells in place. I have read a few of your blog entries and look forward to reading all of them.

  2. You made my day (and it was a long and busy day)! You look beautiful and more importantly, you look like you feel wonderful! I know your journey changed mine and Teresa’s and we are better for having met you, so thank you. And thank you to Richard for being the husband/helpmeet we wish all women had! I love you both ❤️😊

    1. Thank you, Julie. I am catching up with the blog’s comments. I must find a better way to find them!

      I am going back to surgery on 19 Oct … I want small nipples. You will have them and my 3D tattoos next mammogram!

      You really got me to a great start. I don’t know how you and Teresa do this work everyday.


    1. Thank you. I am catching up with the blog’s comments. I must find a better way to find them!

      I started blogging again this week.


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