And so we begin…

When we decided to publish a blog our initial thoughts about the effort were normal, i.e. what topic, how frequent to publish, intended audience, etc.  Our experience and background is leadership and organization development so we wanted to maintain those areas as our theme.  Our intention is to talk about our experiences with leaders, leadership development, organization issues, and lessons learned, as well as providing a platform where readers can share their thoughts and ideas about relevant topics.

We’d like to make this a learning platform as well as a place for creative expression of thoughts and feelings of the subject areas, so we invite your participation and ideas.

Currently our intentions are to publish new material twice a week and allow for rumination, discussion, amplification of thoughts, etc.  We look forward to hearing from you all.

We chose the title of our blog “Leaderlines” to reflect our notion that there are many leaders out there, often without a place to discuss issues and topics close to their hearts.  This, then, is a forum for you to participate by sharing your experiences and learnings with the larger audience, hence learning as we go.

In our next entry we will talk about our background and begin to address the topic of leadership and how we see it.


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