Fillers and Other Stuff In Life

I joined a Fit to Fight Program at our local YMCA.  It is geared to cancer patients. The program helps cancer patients use fitness to address the side effects of cancer treatments and improve quality of life. Exercise, although difficult at times, greatly reduces cancer-related fatigue as well as helps confront many chemo-related side effects.

I have kept a rigorous exercise program from the day of diagnosis.  I believe that my exercise program has improved my quality of life while on this journey.

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I met three other cancer patients in the Fit to Fight Program.  We chatted for a few minutes, each sharing a little of our history.  I was STUNNED at our vocabulary.  We tossed around medical, clinical, and treatment words that a year I ago I would have never used, much less know how to pronounce.

One word that has become very important to me lately is “fillers.”  It appears that drug manufacturers’ “fillers” in generic drugs vary from one manufacturer to another and may be the culprit causing particular side effects.  I requested a manufacturer change to one of my oral drugs that I will take for five to ten years.  The pharmacist I spoke with was very understanding and made the change immediately.  She did ask what my plan was should the side effects from my requested change manufacturer be worse than what I am experiencing now.  I replied my general plan during this cancer journey has been “suck it up, cupcake.”

Leaders … What are the “fillers” in your life that may be causing less than optimum side effects?

Are your regularly scheduled meetings a useless filler of time, or are your meetings producing the outcomes you want?

Are your performance reviews a filler just to meet an organizational HR requirement, or are your performance reviews developing your people to their fullest extent?

What are the other less than optimum fillers you must challenge?


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