Fractured, Fragile, Fatigued

Often my close friends ask me how I am feeling.  Acquaintances who know politely ask “How are you today?”

I typically have three responses:

Today is a great day!

I am doing well.

I am OK.

Something fundamentally changes a person who has experienced cancer.  I refer to this as the three Fs.

The first F is FRACTURED.  Both the body and mind are broken.  What I once knew as safe and solid are no more.  To heal, I must take those fractured pieces and realign them to a new meaning.  For my mind, I focus on what this journey teaches me.  For my body, I focus on how to improve it.

The second F is FRAGILE. I remain vulnerable to infection due to my low blood counts.  I focus on sanitary conditions in all my encounters.  My body is damaged from the chemotherapy.  I focus on cut-short nails to avoid nail lift (the nails lifts off the nail bed).  I focus on quality products to deal with damaged skin and hair.

The third F is FATIGUED.  My friend from high school, Chantal, told me I would be tired like I have never experienced tired.  She was right.  I still complete most everything I did before this journey; it just takes longer and requires help from others.  My medical team shares that by December I should experience an improved change in my energy levels.

I share this with you so that you might better understand what a cancer journey is like.  Fractured, fragile, and fatigued all have silver linings.  The three Fs have taught me:

Better care physically for my body.

Better care nutritionally for my body.

Better care emotionally for me.

Leaders … What is damaged in your organization that you must nurture for a better outcome?

Who, of your followers, needs care?


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