I Can See Clearly Now … Not!

I had a conversation with my friend, Ashley, about how the mind controls the body.  We shared how that believing something is a limitation makes it a limitation.  Until we challenge that limitation, we are unsure if the limitation is true or not.

My husband, Richard, when on active duty, was working in psychotronics and put forth the idea to use collective minds to alter the trajectory of missiles.  Unfortunately, that idea did not go very far and he got the WTF Award.  His idea does, however, raise the question of what if we could use our minds in more powerful ways?

Yesterday after a nice swim and visit to the garden, we were sitting on the deck.  I saw what I believed to be a dead white and grey baby rabbit under one of the deck’s benches.  I have seen a couple of large rabbits in the yard and believe we have a nest in our bamboo.  I have not seen the nest but I believe we have one.

One of the benefits of my chemo treatment has been improved eyesight.  This common side effect may or may not remain with me.  Most days, I can see without my glasses or contacts and I only use them for driving.  Yesterday, I was not seeing clearly.

The baby dead rabbit was a knotted piece of cloth that Richard used to clean the hot tub.  Even after he told me what it was, I still saw the baby rabbit.  I saw its grey ears and perky nose as it lay on its side.  Richard reminded me that if it were any type of animal our three dogs, nestled with us on the deck, would have alerted to the animal.

Oh the power of the mind!

Leaders … How cloudy is your vision?

Are you clearly seeing your impact on your followers?

Are you clearly seeing the potential of your followers?



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