I Plucked A Chin Hair…

… and I am thrilled.  Never in a zillion years did I ever imagine a chin hair would excite me.

I know my girlfriends can understand how disgustingly horrid a chin hair can be.  They grow unusually quickly at inappropriate times when no tweezers are in sight.  One minute you can barley feel it and the next second the hair is inches long. Just trust me that this is true.

Why thrilled? I have hair growing!  Ok, it may not be exactly where I want hair to grow but what a wonderful sign that my body is getting over the Taxotere chemotherapy drug.

I have been very fortunate on this journey to have few side effects from chemotherapy.  Richard’s devotion to save my hair allowed me to maintain confidence and avoid the visual stigma of having cancer.  My oncologist quickly responds with any needed prescription to help me deal with the few side effects I have encountered.  Somethings, however, cannot be prescribed away.  For example, once my new nail growth flourishes, the chemo-damaged nails will break off.  It is just the way it is.  I work to stay focused on how nice and strong my nails have appeared while on chemo.  Maybe the new ones will be stronger than the old ones.  Some bodily changes from chemo stay a lifetime and stronger nails might be one for me.

Leader … how do you deal with those minor “chin hairs” in your organization?  Do you pluck them away?  You know … offer a transfer to a different organization or do you work to find the joy in them?

How you look at the world and those you encounter is your choice.  Look for the positive and the joy … even in a chin hair.



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