I’m In A Pickle

“Down through the years, I have learned to take nothing for granted and to always remain grateful for blessings presented to you.”  From Julie via an encounter with another person.

Julie was the one who navigated us through the early stages of this cancer journey and continues today to provide loving care.  She has always made time to respond to any inquiry and lend a listening ear.

I think that for most of my life I took too many things for granted.  I took for granted that my Momma would be with me a long time and I could easily get her canning recipes whenever I wanted them.

I failed to pay attention when she canned her summer and fall gardens because I took for granted that there was plenty of time to watch her work.

Well … that didn’t exactly work out.

So now, I am in a pickle and stuck taking baby steps in this learning process of preserving foods from our garden.

I can make refrigerator pickles.  I am not skilled enough for canning yet.  The refrigerator pickles are really good.  Yesterday I made four quarts of garlic dill pickles.

Leaders …

Who and what are you taking for granted?

What is your action plan to change this?


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