It’s Independence Day

Funny how numbers and statistics shape my thoughts and reactions.

My Oncologist gave me an 85% opportunity for no cancer recurrence when comparing my cancers to the general public of other breast cancer patients like me.  That was a good number but I always kept the 15% in the back of my mind that cancer could return.

I insisted on genomic testing on the most severe of my cancers’ tissues.  My results reveal that if I completed my five-year treatment plan my opportunity for no cancer recurrence is 94.6%.

A five-year treatment plan comes with side effects.  Many women choose quality of life over the five-year treatment believing the small increased in odds for no recurrence are not worth diminished quality of life issues.  I understand their decisions and respect their decisions.

I have declared my independence from cancer.  At 94.6%, I know I have this beat.  Again, we won.  I feel a difference in my depth of determined commitment to my treatment.

It must have taken a deep, determined level of commitment for those who founded our Country to leave the safety of the lives they knew, board a ship, cross the ocean, and start anew in what would become the United States of America.

Leaders … What is your level of commitment to yourself?  To your values?  To your mission?  To your followers?

Happy Independence Day.  Always remember freedom is not free.  Thousands have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we have.










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