Monday About Noon…

My last infusion will be over at Clearview Cancer Institute.

We will come home and remove my chemo schedule from the kitchen refrigerator.

It has been a long year of treatments, learnings, and most importantly love.

I would not wish this journey on anyone but I would not go back to the life I once knew.

Have a great weekend.  Richard and I plan to.

It will be steak night at the Scherberger’s tonight with Scott, Gina and the grandchildren.  From diagnosis, Scott and Gina “showed up.”   It is wonderful to celebrate this year’s ending with them.

Until next week and a new beginning … Vicky


One thought on “Monday About Noon…”

  1. I am looking forward to ringing that bell at Clearview signaling the end of chemo. I have just started my journey, though, and have a long way to go. What a sense of relief you must have!

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