Rainy and Reflective Day in Alabama

I have gone deep inside lately.  I took most of September to reflect on our Cancer Journey and what I have learned.

Last week Richard and I attended The Human Element (THE) Update in Sonoma, California at the Westerbeke Ranch.   (http://www.thewesterbekeranch.com/)

Richard and I were looking forward to the THE Update.  For many years, we have wanted to attend but we were always on the road doing work.  We have been Human Element Practitioners for many years and use these principles in our daily lives.

We arrived the day before THE Update began.  We spent the morning with Bill Chadwick who once trained with us.  In the afternoon, we had a lazy lunch and wine tasting.

Nate, at the Westerbeke Ranch, was kind and let us drop off our luggage and other items early.  We were in the Yellow Cabin that had a small kitchen.  I needed a refrigerator for some medicines.  Nate said to go, drop off our belongings, and that the cabin was unlocked.  I asked when we would get a key and he shared that there are no keys.  Everyone is on the honor system.  Westerbeke Ranch uses the honor system for wine and beer purchases as well as purchases from their Gift Shop.  It works.

It was around this time that I figured out asking about the workout room was most likely unnecessary.  I also figured out that we would be walking throughout the beautiful landscaped ranch and that would be my workout.  It was.

For the first time in all the many years I have traveled with work, I came home weighing less than when I left.  I ate three great meals a day.  The food was phenomenal and healthy.  Fresh ingredients presented in a family style environment.  We talked often with the Chefs and they shared several recipes for me to use at home.

Westerbeck Ranch is near the ongoing fires.  I wish they had our steady rain from Tuesday.

I awoke Tuesday morning feeling a little saddened that we were not at Westerbeke Ranch.  I enjoyed not having a TV or phone in our cabin.  We fell asleep with the moon and awoke with the sun.  I miss the sounds of nature and the crispness in the air.

I plan to return  …one day.


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