Step 7 Reflection

To understand what really matters, reflection is essential.

7. Reflect. So what can you do to incorporate reflection in your life?

If you can’t take extended time off, you can take small breaks. These breaks can come in all shapes and sizes such as:
Turn off email
Turning off the TV
Kill multitasking (it’s a myth, anyway)
Setting aside your smartphone
Going on a hike
Feed the birds
Taking a run
Close your eyes and listen to relaxing music
Getting away for a weekend.

Use these small breaks to progressively gain perspective on what truly matters.
Keeping your attention on what is most important in your life is one of the most essential ingredients if you want to be able to:
Stick with your goals.
Achieve what you want to achieve each day.
Appreciate what you have in your life.
Clearly see how you can use your time here in the best way.


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