Surgery Day

Richard and I would deeply appreciate your prayers on Friday, 20 January.

It is a big day for us.  At approximately 0930hrs, my breast reconstruction will be almost complete.  It is breast implant day.  I have been calling 20 January 2017 “New Boob Day.”

I was very fortunate to have left my mastectomy surgery with tissue expanders and some breasts.  This was important to me to begin to feel whole.

Richard did not care.  If I had chosen not to have any reconstruction, he would have fully supported that decision.  He has told me repeatedly that it has never been my physical appearance that he loves.  It is the internal me that he loves.  I am one lucky woman!

This will be day surgery. We’ll be home by early afternoon.  I will have a couple of drainage tubes and very limited arm mobility for a few weeks.  We have conquered these challenges after the mastectomies and will do so again.  It will just take time.

Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and always for your support.


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