Twelve Days to Go

August 14, 2017 is my last treatment.  There are just twelve days to go.

I started writing about our cancer journey August 23, 2016.  Time is near to close this chapter and move forward. I will continue to write about our journey through the end of August.  September I will seek a new focus.

I have deeply appreciated everyone who has followed this blog, commented, and shared.

My intent in writing was to give you my truth, our experiences, openly and honestly.

A couple of items in the near future will be to finish my book about this journey. It is a book of hope.  If you have decided anything about what Richard and I have experienced, I hope you have found this journey to be one of growth and unbelievable commitment to each other.  We are both better in numerous ways as we close year one of our cancer battle.  We won.

I am also working on a list about the “reality of chemotherapy.”  It is a list of what we know now that we wished we had known before.   I want it to be a helpful guide to any other couple or family finding a cancer diagnosis in their lives.  I think it will be helpful to anyone who has a friend battling cancer.

Finally, one of my doctors told me to find a reward.  I am taking a couple of rings my Momma left me and having them reset.

I want to find a reward for Richard also.  What suggestions to do have?

Leaders …      What is in your future?

How concrete are your plans to achieve your future?




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