Being Content

The title of the recent message series at our church is “Joy Ride.” It is a study through Philipians and the letters Paul wrote from prison.  In prison, he found contentment.  Paul could teach the gospel of Jesus to those that wanted to know why he would go to prison as opposed to stop preaching.

Contentment is a mental or emotional state of happiness and satisfaction.

Despite all that has happened these past 13 months, I am very happy and content.  I have learned what is important and to stay positive.  I simply enjoy living more.  Every day that I awaken is a blessing to me.

Sure, there have been some struggles.  I believe some struggle would be expected when given a cancer diagnosis. When my Oncologist told me I had an 80% – 85% chance for non-recurrence based on the general population with my types of cancers, I struggled with the 15% to 20% chance for recurrence.  It seemed like a high number.

When my genomic test results, based on my specific cancer tissue, gave me a 94.6% chance for non-recurrence, I danced on my shaggy eyelashes!  This result gave me a new reframe. What kicked into my belief system were more positivity and a belief in a better outcome.

I understand why Paul was content.

Leaders … Where do you find contentment?  How happy and satisfied are you in your work?


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